The simcon story

So this is how a simulated conference happens on the MA in Interpreting and Translation course at the University of Bradford.

It follows a simple routine - basically, the students are the interpreters, and our teaching staff play visiting multilingual delegates, who don't speak English - and will therefore be relying on us to both understand the other delegates and be understood themselves. As the Radio Times would have it, "with hilarious results".

It all starts off civilised enough. Here's our esteemed Course Director, Karl McLaughlin briefing Philippa and yours truly (doing my sheep impression once again.) But at least we got dressed up.

Then it's into the booth we go. I look reasonably happy here - or is that just a mad glint in my eye?

While we're talking, our academic staff are listening intently - and trying not to fall about laughing at our... interesting renderings of their speeches. Here's the delightful German lektor Thomas, playing a delegate.

And then before we know it, it's all over, and time for the debrief. Relief is clearly to be seen on our faces here, I think. Next to me are one of my best mates on the course, Leah, and talented French and Russianist, Sarah.

And this lot look like they're enjoying the debrief too - my French (couldn't you just tell?) flatmate Laetitia, David, fellow Eurovision fan Martin and Jo.

Oops! It looks like the... erm... constructive criticism has started. Here's Marcus, me and my best bitching partner (and good friend) Tom.

Gosh - cheer up everyone - it wasn't all *that* bad! After all, it's nearly exam time!