My new flat in Brussels

Here are some pictures (taken from the accommodation website) of the flat I'm about to rent in Brussels.

It's about 15 minutes' walk from the European Institutions, in a perfectly OK neighbourhood, and best of all, it has two bedrooms - so I'm hoping that will encourage lots of my friends and family members to try out the guest bedroom!

So here's the living room - the flat's on a corner, so there's light from both sides.

The kitchen is described as "hyper-équipée", which sounds exciting!

The first bedroom.

And the second - spot the difference! (They're identical dimensions, apparently).

And finally the bathroom. I must say that I find the habit of rather upmarket Belgian bathrooms of having two washbasins a little alarming. Are couples meant to be so lovey-dovey that they can't even shut each other out of the bathroom in the morning? Whatever next?