La Habana - Havana

Finally I've got around to posting a few pics from my recent trip to Havana.

Click on each picture to get a larger version.

So without further ado let's get started. How about a drink? Below is a picture of one of Old Havana's central squares in early evening - mojito time. Note the musicians playing in the background...

And waiting on the other side of the square for the musicians to finish are... yes, yet another group of musicians. The standard joke is that you have to pay the musicians in Cuba to get them to *stop* playing... but given how high the standard of music is, you wouldn't really want to.

But life is by no means all song and dance. Conditions are difficult and trying in many areas, especially for the locals. Below is about as advanced as the public transport gets. These are called camel buses because of their shape, and are mostly extremely full. Remember too that it's often more than 30 degrees and very humid.

Recognise it? Havana's Capitolio has more than a passing resemblance to the Washington DC equivalent, ironically enough. It was built in less than five years by an enormous army of workers and is completely breathtaking inside.

But this is really what we came for. East Berlin in the sunshine. This is the Plaza de la Revolución, complete with stalinist architecture, several government ministries and an enormous sculpture of Che.

Talking of Che, here you see Hugh and I doing the inevitable.

Probably best to click and get the larger version of this picture... what you can see is the back of a stage, which has been painted with anti-US propaganda. You can maybe just make out the scenes of Abu Ghraib and the red swastika. Venceremos means 'we will win'.

Just to finish, how about this vista of the Plaza de la Revolución? Note the poster with the slogan - vamos bien. And I have to say that most of the Cubans really do give that impression. But then, what does a one-week tourist ever know?