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February 12, 2007
Time flies

So what have I been up to then? Well I've joined a gym. We'll have to see how long that little vanity project lasts. But at the moment I'm really enjoying it. Quite often in this job you get home a little early owing to a meeting wrapping up before time, and that's the ideal time to head off for some exercise. (Or to watch Sex and the City and eat ice cream, who am I kidding?)

In particular there's that lovely warm glow you get after you've finished. (The exercise, not the ice cream). And I've discovered that a couple of my friends seem to go there as well (in fact, it seems the whole world does, but I've just been ignoring it).

Apart from that, what's been happening? Well there was the trip to the Netherlands yesterday to watch the very fabulous Edsilia Rombley pick a so-so song for the Netherlands at Eurovision. And then there was a lovely evening watching League of Gentlemen with a very fetching Latvian architecture student. It's amazing how far British comedy has spread, isn't it?

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