December 20, 2006

Winter wonderland

This is a picture of the street just outside the building where I live. In normal times, the street is a bit fancy to say the least, with agreeably arty boutiques, shops selling retro bric-a-brac and a cosy chocolatier-cum-cafe. Think Covent Garden if you know London.

But just now, with the onset of Christmas, it's really excelled itself, I think. These enormous plastic balloons strung between the eves of the houses are lit all evening (and night as far as I know), and really serve to work against winter depression, providing a real illusion of light in the sky.

And as for the big orange 4x4 parked outside, no - it's nothing to do with me. It belongs to VTM, one of the main commercial TV channels serving the Flemish community. And what it's doing there is anybody's guess... After all, I'm more of a state broadcaster person, myself... ;-)


Posted by Eurodan at December 20, 2006 7:03 PM
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