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November 26, 2003

And here, by popular demand, in all his glory, is a picture of Bart, who by now needs no introduction, methinks. I feel that it's bad form on a blog to gush, so I'll stick to the facts.

Bart works as a translator (French, English, Dutch) and just so happens to live round the corner from me. He also just so happens to have spent a year living in Hull (studying at the University). In just over a week he'll be 28. (Gosh, this is sounding like the Miss Belgium contest - just don't ask when the swimsuit round is!)


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November 19, 2003


When you think back to a particular time in your life, it's certain impressions which stick in your mind. I don't really remember all that much about the projects I was involved with when I worked for EMI in Belgium for six months in 1997, at least not in vivid detail, but the smell of waffles being grilled in a Belgian metro station took me back to that time in an instant. And with it came a wealth of emotions as well - loneliness, unhappiness in the job, but also a sense of freedom and excitement at being in this fascinating, contrary city.

And so it is that I started to wonder about the emotions which would come rushing back if one day some smell catapulted me back to autumn 2003. Probably a mix of hope and fear for the future, a Popstars-like sense of living under a sword of Damocles, the quite extraordinary sense of adrenaline and fear-fuelled super-alertness you experience when interpreting a challenging speaker, the sense of being just another fresh-faced newbie trying to make their fortune in this linguists' Hollywood.

There seem to be no half-measures in life any more. Work demands total concentration, and then is completely, utterly over; home-time. Off switch. It's the complete opposite of managing projects in an office (thank God). It has plusses and minuses; on the one hand, each meeting is a clean slate, making it easier to put bad days behind you. On the other, you're a real hostage to fortune - what language is that Commission representative going to speak when he opens his mouth? Is it going to be one of "yours"? Is he going to be "difficult"?

And so on...

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November 12, 2003

I've been found out. All this time I've been trying to keep my other career a secret from you, but now my cover has been blown. I should have known those folks at Agence Europe would rumble me sooner or later.

It's a fair cop! You've got me bang to rights, Detective Inspector Frankland.

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November 11, 2003

"Why no new entries on the blog?" I hear you ask. Well, to be honest I'm not really sure. It sounds a bit grand to say that most creativity is borne of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in some way, but I must observe two things:-

1) I'm really rather enjoying life at the moment
2) I've not felt able to write much.

A connection? Hmm... call Miss Marple.

While I'm not sure about the reasons for point 2, I can certainly give you a few pointers for point 1.

For a start, I'm really enjoying work, and I love living in Brussels. Some of my best friends from Bradford are here at the moment (hello Leah and Tamsin!), and then there's Bart, the Flemish translator I've met. Maybe he's the reason for my writer's block, as every time I try to describe him, I can't find any adjectives which express just how delightful he actually is, and so I end up lost for words.

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November 5, 2003

There's nothing quite like being written about, is there? I know I haven't exactly been very prolific on here of late, but that's been more than made up for by this and this. Talk about ears burning!

As for me, well, you might be wondering what's brought on the decline in blogging. Is it a heavy workload, or adjusting to full-time work again after a year of being a student? Well, not really. It's mainly this rather lovely Fleming I've met.

I'd love to tell you all about him, but that would be, I fear, highly inappropriate without at least asking his permission first! But maybe in a few days...

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