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August 24, 2004

Back from holidays...

At the Commission, attending an intensive Swedish course this week.

Getting photos developed - should be ready on Thursday.

I hope to put some online asap.

Sorry to be so 'telegraphic', but it's been a busy day, one way and another!

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August 14, 2004

Greetings from St Nazaire!

Yes, the holiday goes on. Working for the Commission as a freelance interpreter is a bit like being a teacher, in that you have no classes, I mean meetings, in the month of August, and so you're just compelled to go on holiday.

In many ways this particular holiday is a little bit un-Daniel. For a start, it's in France, and way over to the West, on the Atlantic coast. It's a part of Europe that I don't know at all, as given a free week and a full wallet I'll normally instinctively head North and/or East to have fun, to where they speak German or one of its Nordic cousins.

It's also rather a small place to qualify as a Daniel holiday resort, as I'm normally something of a city person.

But I have to say that I'm enjoying myself very much indeed. I've been lucky enough to be invited by Bart to spend ten days here, first at a beautiful rambling house in this small seaside shipbuilding town, where you can explore the bunkers left by the Germans before eating sardines from the local market, and then on to Quimper, which awaits us next week.

I often have difficulty relaxing on holiday, but I'm certainly getting there. The combination of food, sea air and Frenchness is quite conducive to unwinding.

If I had a digital camera I'd post pictures, but they'll have to wait a bit, I'm afraid.

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August 4, 2004


If there's one thing worse than receiving a daily dose of spam email, it's finding your blog littered with spam comments.

Not only is your letter box getting stuffed full of unwanted junk, but they're now coming in at night and spraying graffiti over the furniture.

You can remove it and ban the IP addresses one by one, but it takes time...

Anyone know a good solution?

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