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September 26, 2004

It's been a long time since I last wrote, I know, but I really haven't felt able to post anything for the last two weeks.

Nearly two weeks ago now I decided to finish with Bart, which was one of the most difficult and painful decisions I've ever taken.

I'm grieving for having lost one of the most lovely people I've ever had the good fortune to meet, and the fact that it was I who felt the need to walk away is unbelievably painful.

It seems wrong to go into detail here about why it all happened, especially as I don't want to hurt Bart any more than I already have done. It's maybe enough just to say that I've now learnt that my greatest need is to truly be myself, warts and all, and that I have some work ahead of me, recognising, accepting and learning to live with even the bits of me that I really don't like very much. This need eclipses even my need to love and be loved, strong though that is.

Life is sometimes very hard to bear, but at least tomorrow is another day.

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September 7, 2004

The Scottish Pairlament is here for tae represent aw Scotland's folk.

No, I'm not making fun of the way people talk in Scotland. That sentence was in Scots, which is one of the officially recognised languages in Scotland, alongside (Scottish) Gaelic and English.

The beautiful Scottish Parliament has just opened and their website has lots of info in Scots. Get a load of the MSP's funky desks, by the way!

Scots is fascinating, as it is almost completely understandable to a native English speaker, especially if you've done a bit of German or a Nordic language.

I've always wondered what Norwegian sounds like to a Swede (like listening to your mother tongue with 'code noise' around the edges). Now I know.

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September 6, 2004

You may remember a week or two ago I sent out a desperate plea for help in fighting the tide of spam comments which my blog was receiving.

Well, thanks to the links provided by you, dear readers, I've been busily deleting all the unwelcome graffiti which had come to reside on my comments pages. The cheek of it all!

The first time I used the package there were more than 3,000 commercial messages masquerading as comments on the pages of this modest weblog. And worse still, they now seem the flowing in at the rate of several hundred in the course of a weekend.

How low will some people stoop to sell their pathetic online po*er sites and via*ra and so on? (The asterisks are to stop those words being picked up by any circling spam comment buzzards).

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September 2, 2004

In City of Angels, the Hollywood remake of the Wim Wenders film about the angel who falls in love with earthly pleasures like love and eating toast, there's a very bewitching part, where all of the angels (invisible to humans) stand on a rocky cliff, watching the sunrise and basking in the beautiful music that you get at the coast when the sun rises which only they can hear.

The coast is so utterly beautiful in Brittany that you could almost believe in the music...


Before we got to Brittany, we spent some time in Stockholm, which I must admit is more like the sort of place that I would normally go on holiday. You know, Nordic, urban, etc.

Here's a photo of one of the ferries which form part of the public transport system. (Stockholm is built on islands). This one is free of charge. Note the flowers on the table.


But back to Brittany again. Here's another quick snap to show you the lush green countryside and the pretty locals. Oops... no - that's Bart... very pretty, but not local ;-)

Bart and Inge

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