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June 24, 2005

Jag trivs bäst i öppna landskap

I must really learn to book the Friday after the 21st of June as a day of leave!

Then I could be sitting on the beautiful Swedish island of Källö-Knippla with my friend Henrik enjoying the traditional Midsommar celebrations instead of sweltering here in Brussels. I mean - this weather... I'm thinking about writing a stern letter!

If you ever get the chance to celebrate the summer solstice ā la suédoise, do it! I get misty-eyed just thinking of all the herring, new potatoes, strawberries and cream (and of course not forgetting the beer and aquavit), all eaten and drunk out in the open air, while singing a few traditional snaps songs before a hearty dance around the maypole.

*Sigh*. Maybe next year!

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June 11, 2005

Niech żyje Polska!

Another reason to love Brussels: it is teeming with subcultures. And each time you gain entry to a new one, a whole new world opens up in front of your eyes.

Last night my new Polish friend Rafał invited me to go with him to a slavic stagiare party (which was, in fact, mostly Polish).

Stagiare parties are generally highly energetic knees-ups organised by this year's crop of EU interns, who are only here for six months or so and determined to make their mark.

Given that it was a stagiare party and not one organised by the indigenous Polish community in Brussels (I still have to discover where *they* hang out), you could well argue that it was just another variation of the Eurocrat scene, but it was, well... extremely different from the Eurocrat scene I know. It felt like we'd got on a plane to Warsaw and headed for the nearest student disco. Fascinating!

And there I was, using my schoolroom Polish to order drinks from the bar - greeting Rafał's friends and saying the well-rehearsed phrases that I know and hoping they wouldn't stray too far from the script. It was *just* like being abroad!

Anyway - I'm sure you get the attraction. And tonight I'm heading to a Flemish interpreter's birthday party - yet another subgroup... and then there's Martin and his Swedish friends. Switch, switch, switch...

I know it's the same in London, but London's *big*. What's remarkable about Brussels is that you have all of this in such a compact space.

Some of the Belgians don't seem so keen on this state of affairs, though. I was walking home the other day, still full of Liebeskummer after my own very personal story of Belgian rejection, when a drunk shouted across the pavement at me:

- Vous ętes Belge?
- Non
- Vous auriez dû rester dans votre propre pays!

Charming! Sometimes you really wonder if it's worth bothering to integrate at all.

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June 7, 2005

And now, to cheer up the mood a bit, here's a picture of my beautiful twin sister Rachel and yours truly having a drink to celebrate her tying the knot the weekend before last.

A great many emotions went through me that weekend - mainly happiness at seeing Rachel so happy, and pride at the thought of just how much she had achieved, organising the whole event and coordinating two families who live on different continents.

For some reason or other, there haven't been all that many pictures taken of the two of us together in the last decade or so, which is rather a shame. So here's a rather nice one, to redress the balance. Thanks, Rach!


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June 3, 2005

self-indulgence på svenska

Finns det något mer att säga?
Säg, finns det någonting mer?
Jag var väl ingen ängel,
Jag förnekar inte det,
Men nu när det är över,
Så finns du överallt

Ont det gör ont
Men det går
Det gör ont en stund på natten
Men inget på dagen
Du vet att det gör ont
Det gör ont
Men ändå
Jag har klarat mig rätt länge
Jag börjar bli van
Och alla omkring
De märker ingenting
Det gör ont

Här finns så många minnen
Allt vi gjort i våra dagar
Fattiga och rika
Det finns för många minnen kvar
Men om jag kunde glömma
Då kunde jag bli fri

Det sista jag behöver
Är flera minnen utav dig
Men nu när det är över
Så finns du överallt

Ont, det gör ont
Men det går
Det gör ont en stund på natten
Men inget på dan

Author: Thomas "Orup" Ericsson

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